Protected Home: 4 Tactics To Increase Your Security & Safety

Your home is likely not as secure or safe as you believe. Far too often, homeowners lock their windows and doors and believe that those locks are all that they need to keep their loved ones safe. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the below tactics for four common home security and safety scenarios.

Protected Home: 4 Tactics To Increase Your Security & Safety

Identity Theft

Many homeowners fail to realize that criminals often steal their identities from within the safety of their homes. To prevent this scenario, maintain excellent online security by using complex passwords everywhere and investing in a high-quality firewall, antivirus and security internet package for your computer and other electronic devices, including your router and mobile phone. Never leave web cameras connected after you’re done using them. Criminals can power them back on and take current photographs of you. Also, shred all documentation that features personal details before you toss it in a recycling bin.

Property Theft

Trespassing and burglary are common home security problems. Invest in a home security system that offers motion sensors, security cameras and remote agents who alert both you and emergency services during a break-in. When you take your smart phone with you when traveling for work, running errands and performing other off-site tasks, turn off any tracking systems that report to social media networks where you’re located at any given time. Criminals love geo-tracking apps because they can always tell when you’re not at home. If you do experience trespassing or burglary, and the criminal is caught, you may want to speak with a criminal lawyer¬†on the best way to move forward.

Appliance Fires

Many homeowners watch all of their dreams go up in flames because of appliance fires. Invest in a smart oven so that if you forget to turn off a burner, you can use a remote access app to turn it off. If you can’t afford to upgrade, invest in an oven shutoff device that has a motion sensor that turns the oven off automatically if it detects no motion near it after so many minutes. Another problem that often plagues homeowners is appliance fires caused by socket overheating. Never plug an appliance into an outlet that isn’t rated to handle the power needed for that appliance.

Sink Flooding

Accidentally leaving a faucet on too long might not seem like a security or safety problem, but if your sink overflows you might forget to lock a door if you need to rush to a store to purchase additional supplies to clean up the mess. This type of flooding can also cause toxic mold growth in swollen fiberboard counters, on wood cabinet surfaces and under various types of flooring materials. The best way to manage this problem is by investing in automatic tap shutoff devices.

Most of these security and safety tactics also increase the value of your home. As a result, you might be able to request a better rate on a home loan, renegotiate your mortgage or ask for a premium discount through your insurance provider after you make these changes. Use these tactics today to improve your home security and safety.


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