Pull Over! Why You Need A Lawyer If You Have Been Arrested For A DUI

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, or DUI you must understand your essential rights and responsibilities. Included on the list of what needs your attention following a DUI charge is retaining the services of a skilled, experienced, relentless DUI lawyer. There are a number of key reasons who you need an attorney after being arrested for DUI.

Pull Over! Why You Need A Lawyer If You Have Been Arrested For A DUI

The Illusion of the First DUI Arrest

A surprising number of people wrongly believe that they do not need to retain a DUI lawyer when facing a driving under the influence charge for the first time. DUI law across the United States, does tend to provide less severe penalties the first time a person is arrested for DUI. However, the penalties possible in a first DUI are not the only factors that come into play.

DUI penalties are progressive. By that it is meant that the penalties for driving under the influence become more severe with consecutive charges and convictions. Therefore, hiring an attorney is crucial for a first DUI, particularly if there are real issues regarding the arrest or your actual impairment. If you avoid a conviction for your first DUI, you protect yourself, at least to some degree, when it comes to penalties in a subsequent case.

DUI Penalties and Your Future

The potential penalties for a DUI, particularly second and consecutive cases, are significant. If you are, or end up, in that type of situation, you can face an extended term of incarceration and hefty fines, among other sentencing directives.

You also need to keep in mind that DUI conviction can make it challenging to get certain types of jobs. Indeed, a DUI conviction could impact your current position of employment.

Protecting Your Driver’s License

If there is a possibility of avoiding a driver’s licenses suspension in your case, you are best able to accomplish that result through experienced legal representation from an lawyer like Steve W. Sumner, attorney-at-law, and his legal team. You need to engage a lawyer that will work immediately to try and prevent the suspension of your driver’s license.

Many motorists do not realize that a driver’s license automatically is suspended 30 days following the date of a DUI arrest. Losing your driver’s license can have devastating consequences. If you are like most people, you depend on your car to get work and to deal with many other elements of your daily life. Without a car, you can be left in a dire predicament.


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