Quality-assured Chromatography Analysis

According to certain government standards and procedures, fluid fuels are required to comply with the qualitative requirements in every step of their lifecycle that includes their extraction, refining, and usage. Such standards are crucial to determine the quality of fuels. Therefore, to determine the quality standards of fuels and liquids, Spectro-Intelligence LLC is here that has the required equipment to conduct fuel testing processes.

Automated Pensky-Martens Flash Point

The Flash Point analyzers run your product to spec with industry-leading exactness and efficiency which leads to more precision and more profitability. The Automated Pensky-Martens Flash Point is designed to make the analysis safe, simple and flexible that ensures your sample meets the precise specifications.

How the Flash Point Analyzer works

The analyzer heats a sample and applies a test flash to the fluid, indicating the safe storage temperatures for your products.

The sample is pumped into a test cup and trapped within it. At a controlled rate, air is also introduced to the test cup, which is then heated. At selected intervals, electrodes positioned over the sample generate a high-voltage flash. When it is reached, the flashpoint is detected by a profoundly sensitive low-mass thermocouple. The sample stream is then re-established and the wind stream is increased, allowing the test cup to cool in preparation for the next cycle.

Inbuilt inspection office

An internal sensor enables flash point observation without the need to open the explosion-proof box, making the whole process safer and easier to monitor.

Electrode cleaning system

Air is blown through the electrode assembly during cooling, and the electrodes are sparked to remove any deposits that have formed. This keeps the electrodes clean and enables routine maintenance without having to open the explosion-proof box.

Double siphon option

For higher thickness samples, for example, fuel oils, a second siphon can be fitted for use in conjunction with a heated vent line and flame trap. This option also allows sample return against backpressure.

Inbuilt sample cooler

Flash Point integrates a sample cooler, ensuring that the incoming sample is safely cooled below the flash point temperature.

Great Personal with Great Instruments

Progress and innovation, high-precision make and the passion for research – these define Spectro-Intelligence LLC. Our measuring instruments reflect our thoughts and actions. On the other hand, our components are with the highest precision, innovative measuring principles and well-designed user interfaces represent our understanding of quality. Our Super Fluid Chromatography equipment is created in a discourse with our customers and integrates seamlessly into their working environment. They exactly meet customers’ requirements and are the solutions for the challenges they face.

The notion of continually pushing back the breaking points of what is technically feasible inspires and motivates us each day to produce the best measuring instruments for our customers. As the world leader in the fields of density and concentration measurement, material characterization and the determination of dissolved CO2 we are already well on our approach to achieving this. Therefore, without any fail, you can book a test appointment with us.


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