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So you have taken the plunge (or fallen) into Recruitment, and managed to weather the storm of apparently high turnover, cutthroat industry and make a name for yourself in your vertical. You’re making good money, and have positive prospects in your industry. So what’s missing?

The one thing that is certain about recruitment, is that the skills required to do the job well are highly transferrable. Communication, negotiation, resilience, it’s all valuable in other industries and in other roles. But what if you could take a sideways step into a role which retains these skills, alongside the processes and procedures that you’ve come to know well in recruitment. How much have you thought about Rec to Rec?

Having access to telephone service companies also save lots of time of the individuals as they are provided by the exact number of the department they are looking for. In addition, they don’t have to wait long for getting direct access to the relevant company. Be it any government office, television department, water or gas department, numbers provided by the telephone service company are always authentic and they help individuals to hit the right spot.

That’s right, there’s always the option to recruit directly for other recruitment agencies, and there are a variety of reasons why it’s a great step in your career.

Recruitment to recruitment agencies is going through something of a banner year. With a record number of job-hungry graduates being churned out of university, looking for their first office based role, the recruitment sector is overflowing with prospective talent, and in sympathy, so too is the r2r meta-sector.

Another positive to the r2r environment is the level of empathy afforded to you, the recruiter, by your clients. Had a candidate dropped out unexpectedly? They have been there. Had a very reasonable offer declined or rescinded at the last minute? They feel your pain. Delivering a service directly to a recruitment agency may provide a more positive client supply experience during your day to day, which can’t be a bad thing.

Finally, recruitment to recruitment roles is fairly secure in the modern climate. The past few years of the political and economic environment and have given a new definition to the term ‘uncertain’, but while the sector you’re currently working in might be reacting in an unstable way to this uncertainty, r2r offers a more flexible and potentially more resilient industry to work within. Recruitment companies, whatever their sector, will always need good recruiters to keep their bottom line looking healthy.

For jobs in Recruitment to Recruitment London is a thriving hub. With an ever-growing metropolis of financial services and high finance business at your feet, the business world of the nation’s capital presents an enthralling opportunity for a seasoned professional recruiter. For Rec 2 Rec London is the center of the universe!



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