Recent Hair School Grad? How To Start A Successful Home Salon

If you are planning to start a salon at home after graduating from hair school and becoming fully licensed, congratulations! You will find that your new venture has become your new adventure. Unfortunately, there will be hurdles to overcome and requirements to be met, so be prepared. Cover the bases, and with good planning, you can find real success in your home salon.

Recent Hair School Grad? How To Start A Successful Home Salon

The Legal Side

According to the laws in your city, you may need a permit to do business at home. With a quick call to your city’s Planning department, you can find out whether a permit is required and how to go about getting one.

Another question for the city planning department will be about zoning requirements. There should be none that would prevent you from running a salon at home, but check with Planning to be sure.

Another legal question, though not for the city, is whether your homeowners association would prevent you from running this business at home. Probably not, but talk to the HOA just to be sure.


Likely your home owner’s insurance will not provide coverage against any liability you will incur through operation of a salon at home, and if you live in rental property, you will probably have no coverage at all. Bodily injury to clients through slips and falls, accidents caused by equipment, and treatment injuries are among the risks you will encounter while running a salon at home. Homeowners insurance will probably not cover those risks. An expensive lawsuit after an accident would put you right out of business, so be sure to talk with your insurance agent before you start.

Dedicate Space at Home for your Salon

Create a dedicated space at home for your salon. It may be in a spare bedroom or in a den. Depending on weather, it might even be outside during appropriate seasons. In this way, you can give your clients the feeling of being in a salon.

Purchase Equipment

Buy salon furniture and cutting and styling equipment. A salon chair is a basic piece of equipment and you can probably find one online or in a beauty supply store for $100 to $300. Buy scissors and razors and stock up on shampoo. Some products you may be able to sell.

It will be possible for you to make a very good living operating a hair salon at home. You will work very hard at it, but you will be amply rewarded. Plan ahead and good luck!


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