Removing Algae from Your Roof Professionally

The presence of algae on your roof isn’t only unattractive however can become a costly headache. Taking action to remove it is crucial to minimize its effect and prevent damage to your home. So, if you have noticed algae on your roof, what would it be a good idea for you to do now?

The best method to safely and effectively remove algae from your roof is to hire a professional to perform a roof treatment. While it might be tempting to do yourself, roof treatments require special soft washing equipment and cleansers. Furthermore, who wants to ascend a second-story ladder? In the end, calling a professional is a more sensible and cost-effective decision.

What is Algae on your Roof?

Gloeocapsa magma is the scientific term for the algae on your roof. While it is technically cyanobacteria and not algae, we refer to it as algae because that is the thing that the vast majority know it as due to its green color.

How to Remove Algae from the Roof?

Bleach will neutralize and execute algae off your roof and remove the dark streaking. However, this comes with dangers. Bleach is corrosive and dangerous to plants and pets. It must be diluted before applied and plants must be rinsed down. Also, your home needs a proper place to drain chemicals. Not to mention, treating a roof requires the use of a ladder. Due to the number of dangers at play, we don’t recommend attempting to treat a roof yourself.

Removing Algae from Your Roof Professionally

Hiring a Professional like the Fabian’s Window Cleaning

There are many key advantages to hiring a professional for Roof Cleaning in New York. To start with, hiring an insured professional like Fabian’s Window Cleaning will protect you against any mischief caused to your roof or the worker.

Second, it is likely there are more living organisms on your roof than just algae. At Fabian’s Window Cleaning, we will check and treat the roof for shape, lichens, and the beginning stages of moss.

In conclusion, a professional Window Cleaning in New York will be certified. They will have access to chemicals that you cannot just lift up off the shelf at your neighborhood hardware store. Because of that, your window and roof treatment should come with a warranty.

All in all, hiring a professional like Fabian’s Window Cleaning will help you to remove algae from your roof in an effective manner. It will save you time, money, and ensure your roof is being treated safely and effectively. Our roof treatment utilizes a low-pressure soft wash with biodegradable cleansers to safely and effectively restore the appearance of your roof. This process is designed to help maintain the integrity of your roof and prevent further damage by eliminating algae, dark streaks, and greenery at their underlying foundations. Not just roof cleaning services, at Fabian’s Window Cleaning we also provide soft, power washing and Window Cleaning in New York.. So, feel free to call our team today to learn more.


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