Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6

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Both Galaxy S and Note series have been on a high which has resulted in Samsung currently ruling the gadget world. The Korean giant has been sweeping away all its challengers in last 2 years on the back of successful Galaxy S4, Note 3 and now Galaxy S6. This time it’s a face-off between two families from Samsung itself. Yes we are talking of Galaxy S and Note series again. Both of them have been trying to outclass each other with continuous improvements in every field of specifications. Galaxy S6 is expected to give stiff competition to Nexus 6P.

Here today in this discussion we would be focussing on only one handset from both the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series, which are the most brilliant smartphones –  Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 respectively. Before starting our detailed comparison of both these giants, it is important for you all to know that both these smart phones have been announced by Samsung. So it’s better to study the past trends first before beginning to directly compare the unannounced phones blindly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6

It was September last year when Galaxy Note 4 was announced, and boy, did it enter the arena with a bang. It came in with a big display of 5.7 inches, high resolution super AMOLED display, improved camera and quad core processor to go with loads of RAM (3GB). On the other hand announced at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Galaxy S5 is a dust and water resistant smartphone running on latest Android OS KitKat. With a big display (less than Note 3), high resolution display and camera it even featured NFC, quad core processor and fast mobile data support.

  • Display: Samsung Note 4 has a 5.7 inch screen and 1440 X 2560 p QHD display. For Galaxy S6 , the display is 5.1 inch screen.
  • OS, Processor and RAM: Galaxy Note 4 is runs on Android OS 4.4 KitKat or even 5.0 Lollipop and powered up by hexa-core processor (Qualcomm snapdragon 808|810 variant) clocked at 2.5 Ghz and 4GB RAM. On the other hand Galaxy S6 comes to life through Android 5.0 Lollipop and supported by an Octa-core processor clocked at 2.7 Ghz with 3GB RAM as well.
  • Battery, Camera and Memory:  All the latest apps and games will be supported well by 3600 mAh Li-ion battery. An improvement in camera is on the cards as well with a jump to 16MP rear camera and 3MP front camera. Increase in internal storage has become need of the hour with all new latest apps and games flooding in, so, Note 4 to features a 64GB internal storage capacity along with expansion feature up to 128 GB. The same is for Galaxy S6 as well with 3200 mAh battery capacity, 18MP rear camera, 3MP front camera and 32GB internal storage.
  • Price: Talking of Note 4 then the price is around 899$ which is roughly 52K. Samsung Galaxy S6 on the other hand might just leave your pockets empty. With a whopping price of 1000$.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to launch in 2016. From the above detailed study we can say that whosoever become more popular among these two but both of them will be roaring in the markets. No doubt Samsung is here to rule. For further updates and news stay tuned or you may even subscribe to our blog.


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