Serviced Office Services – What Are The Benefits?

Virtual office services are common in cities and towns. Actually, they can be individual offices, or in some cases even entire floors that can be rented decorated and furnished and usually include secretarial services. Serviced offices are best for companies to get immediate access to high spec office space without the hassles of long-term contracts.

Ready Office Space

The availability of space is flexible, allowing the availability of extra space at very short notice, should the requirements of company change immediately. On the other hand, if a company has plans to downsize, they can go for a smaller space because virtual office services come without long-term lease contracts. The space in these offices is already designed tastefully with computers, telecommunications equipment, and other specific needs.

Flexible Options

Companies have option of flexible leases, so this helps them in deciding how long they want to rent the office space, maybe one month, or even several years.

Typical Services Included with Serviced Offices to Rent

Typical services included are dedicated administrative support, receptionist, telecom services, internet connectivity, and IT infrastructure. The high speed of Internet connection empowering business communications via teleconferencing, conduct virtual meeting as well as online brainstorming for business ideas among the employees from around the world. Virtual offices also provide the facility of meeting rooms and on-site car parking. As they have fully equipped kitchen and various other amenities required in a office, companies can save lot of money as they can cook their meals and won’t have to use hotel services. Even with all these facilities, companies still get at home feeling in these offices.


Serviced offices are best solutions to cut down on longer business travel and for company’s relocation. Working environment and location can make big difference between success and failure of a company. When any companies views potential sites, it is important to ask questions about flexibility of terms, cost, and location.

Flexible Office Plans

With flexible leasing plans, companies can use facilities on daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. This type of arrangement allows them to expand. Companies that offer these types of offices offer them on flexible terms as opposed to the traditional leased offices.

Therefore, a fully furnished serviced office is a flexible, instant and easy way to have access to wide range of office space solutions. Whether one has a small business that is trying to establish itself, or it is a big company opening a temporary office, businesses can keep their operational costs low and business flexible.

Matthew Ng writes for apbcOffices, a leading serviced office and virtual office provider in Singapore.


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