Shipping Container Homes: A New Trend in Home Construction

Shipping containers are being used for many other purposes also. Today man has become so intelligent that he has learnt to use many things for some purpose other than what it was actually designed for. This applies to many materials in our day to day life. Here we are going to see what the uses of ship containers other than shipping are, which is the main reason for which they were designed earlier. They are used for making ECO-friendly homes also, which is a new way of using them, unknown to men until recently.

The idea of this house came into the minds of Peter Demaria for the first time. The idea came to his mind when he saw a large number of motorists crowding around his home and causing auto accidents. Main reason for the accident was actually the lack of enough space in front of home. Home was built with heavy materials which were made it a hefty structure. So while thinking of some economic home made of lighter materials, shipping containers came to his mind and he implemented his idea wonderfully.

The two main important goals of these homes was to bring down the energy requirements to the lowest minimum possible level and make homes more energy efficient. Along with that, they also wanted to reduce the cost of building. Both these intentions were fulfilled by these ship container homes perfectly and that solved the problem. After the first such home was built by using these waste materials, people have gone mad about them. They have been visiting this home like a museum everyday in large numbers and demanding for such homes. The designer had never thought even in his strangest dreams about getting such a great response to his new invention.

The building of homes using these ship containers was not an easy task. The first and foremost problem was that there was a need for light and air to circulate inside the home. Ship container homes are usually cramped and darkened, but the containers were opened on one side for allowing maximum air and light to get into the home. This was the most important problem faced by manufacturer when he went for the manufacture of ship container homes.

Every house has roofing which is ten feet tall and along with that, it also has many windows. That makes the rooms spacious and bright. Once you enter into the room, you can’t help admiring the wonderful way in which they have been built. Along with these colorful homes, big buildings like hotels and restaurants are also being built these days with these ship containers. This is the biggest achievement of inventor as he has stepped into a new horizon.

Shipping containers can also be reused for constructing homes. Suppose you construct a home in one place and as time passes, it worn out and you need to change the home. It is possible to destroy the home and use the ship containers used in those homes to build a home in some other place. Thus shipping container homes are making a huge impact in world today.


Author: Michelle Lee

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