Showmanship: 3 Vital Vendors For The Small Business Marketer

Besides quality products or services, there’s one specific thing every small business needs to succeed. That special ingredient is a quality marketing team. Without professionals who know how to spread the word in order to reach your target demographic, you may as well just pack it all up and go home. A big contributor whose importance many underestimate is your stable of vendors. These are the individuals and companies that provide the services you need to carry out your big plans. Read on to discover the three vital vendors for the small business marketer.

Showmanship: 3 Vital Vendors For The Small Business Marketer

Talented Graphic Designer

One of the first professionals your marketing department should have on speed dial is a quality graphic designer who understands and can accurately convey your company’s vision. You’ll need someone to create the branding materials that consistently identify your business across all channels, including social media, community events, print ads, promotional items and more.

Screen Printer

You’ll need a quality screen printer to take the assets your designer creates and affix them to the various types of branding materials you’ll need. A printer can take all those fantastic graphic assets like your company logo, sales flyer copy, business card mock-up, and trade show signage and ready them for print. Most professional screen printing services, like Schilling Graphics, can prepare jobs for nearly any purpose, whether it’s for print, apparel, direct mail or digital. This is a versatile professional you definitely want on your team.

Shipping Company

Any small business marketer will also want to have a strong relationship with a proven and reliable shipping company. You will need to send your promotional items to events and trade shows prior to your business representative’s arrival. A shipping service can easily take care of that for you. In many cases, they will even come to a designated location to pick up the shipment and deliver remaining goods back to your office or onto the next event destination. Having this service in place means you’ll never have to worry whether your banners, signs, t-shirts, magnets and business cards will get to the event location in one piece and on time. You also won’t find yourself or your brand ambassador lugging extra cargo from the airport.

There are a number of other vending suppliers a marketing team will need to engage in business. However, some are simply more crucial to your job than others. These three vendors are simply the most vital for every business marketer to have on their list of go-to professionals.


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