Simple, But Dramatic Renovations

Homeowners needn’t bust out walls to beautify their homes. Simple renovations that are easy to do make a dramatic effect. Read below for suggestions.

Renovations : Paint
Painting an entire home, or simply a wall or room, is just about one of the easiest ways to instantly and dramatically improve the atmosphere of any home. Given the colors of décor, choose a wall color that will accentuate them. For instance, for a soothing atmosphere in which the décor is of rich chocolate browns and creams, choose a wall color such as caramel to allow for gentle contrast.

To an otherwise neutrally- colored arena with subtle, but noticeable, pops of color here and there, use the same color for a wall opposed to those items. This causes those items to stand out more and ties the rest of the décor in together for an aesthetically pleasing view.

The techniques of paint desired are endless. For example, a single wall can feature a mural, two tones, three tones, a textured appearance, and a matte or glossy finish. Paint can be made to resemble leather, marble or granite.

Renovations : Tile
Taking out carpet and replacing it with tile creates an illusion of a larger space. This occurs because light reflects better off of tile, tile is of a smoother surface and it is thinner than carpet allowing for greater open space. Tile can be laid in a wide array of finishes and looks as well, such as laying it asymmetrically.

Tile is fairly easy to put down once the homeowner knows the technique. There is endless material on how to strip the floor, cut tile, lay it down, how to space tile and how to grout. However, hiring a professional can speed up the process.

Renovations : Polished Concrete
A recent move in flooring is quite simple, but its look is both dramatic and exquisite. In addition, this is a very easy process because many homes feature concrete underneath their carpeting. Polished concrete is available in a multitude of styles. For instance, polished concrete may resemble marble, granite or can be stained as per taste. There are several colors to choose from and the desired look as well.

Maintenance of polished concrete is minimal. The finished process stays beautiful for several years, in excess of 20 years. It does not dent, chip or suffer other damage. It is easier to clean than other porous surfaces. Tile is also easy to clean, but the grout is a consideration in matters of spills. Polished concrete does not require grout as it is a single slab and its surface is highly polished, which forms a barrier for water and spills. Polished concrete needs to be done by a professional as huge machinary with diamond pads are needed to grind down and polish the concrete.

The best aspect of simple renovations is having fun with the process. Renovations not only make the home more aesthetically pleasing, but give a sense of enjoyment, artistic release and accomplishment.

This post was provided by Larry Hilmer, a home improvement specialist. To make good quality renovations Kitchener around his home, he trusts Your Home Improvement Team.


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