Simple Feng Shui Tips For Your Living Room

There are many different benefits of Feng Shui, especially in your living room. Our living room is a space where we entertain our guests and ourselves.  We spend more time together in the living room than the rest of the house, unless we have a basement. Here is how to apply basic principles of Feng Shui are based on the Chinese principles of Ba- Gua to rearrange your living room furniture. This is to say that there are deep meanings in where you place objects in your room based on an octagon grid.

So how does this work for your living room?  Simple.  Where you place things on this octagonal grid will help you achieve a sense of togetherness in your living room.  You would need to take out obnoxiously angled objects like work out equipment and the like, because they cant “fit” anywhere on the grid.  Which brings us to the next point: to start bringing the elements of Feng Shui in your home, you need to take out any kind of clutter, or just clean.  Feng Shui deals with balance, and if your home is messy you are not able to apply anything to your room.

As a principal of Feng Shui states, you want your couch to be facing your doorway so that you can see who enters and leaves at all times.  You also want it facing southwest.  Everything else in your living room should be organized around that. To add to the clutter statement in the above paragraph, you should not have too many couches, chairs, and the like in your living room. It adds clutter, which adds to the confusion and no one has much room.  You also want to make sure you have enough room for your guests when you host parties.  If you like having parties, re-arrange your house so that your living room is facing south, south-east or south-west as these are believed to be the angles of positive energy flow.

Feng shui is all about energy and direction.  You want to pay attention to the direction of your room and your furniture if you want to make a change.  If you want your living room to be a place where you can entertain your guests and have it be a lively bubbly space, turn it facing to the south-west, otherwise it will continue to be a source of negative energy in your home.

This article was written By Jon Dunn of i-Fluid Media on behalf of Light Oak Furniture- The UK’s leading specialists in Dark Oak Beds and Dark Oak Mirrors.


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