Simple Luxuries that Make Your Home Kitchen Feel Fancy

If you delight in the experience of enjoying a meal at an upscale restaurant, you may find yourself wondering just what makes these establishments so unique. You may even wish to replicate some of that same atmosphere in your own kitchen, to add a bit of class and elegance, even to the most simple of meals. The good news is that giving your kitchen a fancy facelift doesn’t have to be complicated or all that expensive. With the right planning, a few simple touches can make all the difference.

Copper Cookware

Having a few copper pots and pans hanging in your kitchen instantly adds a touch of classic elegance. What’s more, copper cookware from luxury retailers like Weston Table actually become more beautiful, over time, as the surface of the copper ages and is covered in a beautiful patina. Beyond looking great, though, copper cookware is beneficial because it allows for more even heat distribution, ensuring that food is able to cook more evenly, without burning.

New Table

No matter your design tastes, a new kitchen table can do wonders to provide your kitchen with an upscale feel. Whether you prefer a farmhouse rustic style or something a little more traditional, the perfection of a new table will send the message that you truly care about the food you serve and those you serve it to. Though it may be tempting to get an enormous table, it’s important to ensure the table fits the size and scale of your kitchen, as a table that’s too large will do much harm to the fancy feel.

Fresh Flowers

While new cookware or a new table may not currently be in your budget, almost anyone can afford some fresh flowers every now and then. Fresh flowers give a bright and cheerful feeling to your kitchen, showing that it’s a space you constantly look after and care for. Store-bought flowers always work in a pinch, but to really take it to the next level, you can utilize fresh-cut flowers from your very own garden.

Dramatic Lighting

Your kitchen is one of the rooms in your home where you can really be creative when it comes to lighting. You can utilize big, dramatic light fixtures in the main space while using accent lighting throughout your cabinets to add a relaxing and romantic look. Extra lighting also makes your kitchen more inviting, ensuring it’s always a favorite gathering place for anyone who stops by.

Filled to Capacity

Of course, of all the additions you can make to your kitchen, there’s none better than a bunch of family and friends to enjoy it with. By making your kitchen into a “home within the home,” you can be sure that people will flock to the space during get-togethers, providing the fellowship and conversation that makes time together so special. Then, when the last guest has left, you’ll still be left with a beautiful kitchen to enjoy, meaning even the clean-up will be more bearable.


Author: Anica O

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