Simple Tips For A Mold Free Home

The quality of the home environment is important for the health of our family. A common problem found in many homes is mold, and when the spores are inhaled or touched, we can suffer with allergic reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a mold free home to keep our family safe since exposure to this spore can cause irritation to the eyes, throat, lungs, skin and nose.

What Causes the Spores to Grow?
Spores need moisture to grow. Leaking pipes, roof leaks or flooding problems can produce fungus issues. To prevent this type of problem, the water leaks will need to be maintained to stop the moisture. In addition, some everyday activities can also produce moisture in our homes. To reduce the moisture, a few simple techniques can be used to eliminate the growth of the fungus or spores.

Home Ventilation
Opening windows and doors to allow outside air to circulate in the home can be one method of home ventilation. This method should be used when the air on the outside is dry and cool. Another choice for home ventilation would be to use an energy-efficient ventilator. New technology has produced a ventilator that can help us reduce our homes heating and cooling bills while it reduces the possibility of spore growth. A dehumidifier can also be used to help with our homes ventilation.

Exhaust Fans in the Home
We can install bathroom exhaust fans to help us remove moisture from our home. The exhaust fan should be turned on when we take showers and after a shower to help rid the room of excess moisture. Exhaust fans should also be installed above stoves in our kitchens to help reduce the moisture that comes from cooking.

Closet Maintenance
Closets on exterior walls in the home can produce more humidity during the cold months of the year. To allow air to circulate inside the closet, items should be stored closer to the inside walls. The closet doors can be left opened to help the air circulate better during the extremely cold weather.

Furniture Placement in the Home
Furniture should be arranged to allow air to circulate properly. We need to arrange the furniture away from the outside walls to help keep the humidity from collecting behind the furniture. This can prevent the unwanted presence of spores.

Drying Clothes
Clothes dryers can cause water to collect in the air. When clothes are being dried, the results can lead to moisture and growth of fungus if the dryer is not properly vented to the outside.

We can benefit from Social Medias and new technology in the prevention of mold spores in our homes. Technology has provided us with new products to help us overcome fungus growth in the home. For instance, one product is available that can be used to help us check the humidity levels in our homes. On Social Medias, we can find more information and tips to help prevent moisture in the home. If we reduce the opportunities for mold to produce, we can obtain a home free from this unhealthy problem.

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