Six Tips for the Perfect Proposal

Asking someone to marry you is always going to be an exceptionally memorable moment, but there are some things you can do to make it even more special. Here’s what you should think about when planning the perfect proposal.

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Get Permission

It’s an old tradition, but asking the potential bride’s father for permission is one that shows respect to your future in-laws. Your partner will also appreciate the gesture, and it’s sure to start your engagement off in a positive light.

Look for Inspiration

If you’re not sure how the proposal should go, look online at the many videos and stories detailing perfect proposals. Some may not be as conventional as others, but they may give you some ideas about how you can go about popping the question.

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Plan the Day

Help make this memorable occasion even more special by planning the day. It could be a romantic day for the two of you, or you could even rope in family and friends to share it with you. Make the most of the day rather than relying on those few all-important minutes.

The Ring

Before proposing, you need to buy a ring or at least something that represents it. Many brides now prefer to choose their own ring, so if you think your fiancé would like this then go for a token ring that will act as a great alternative until it’s time to choose the real thing. If you are proposing using the real ring, don’t just go for the first one that you see. With so many options, buying diamond engagement rings online from sites such as can help you do invaluable research and save money whilst doing so.

The Location

A proposal is one of the most memorable life events, with those getting engaged sure to remember all of the small details. Think about where you want to propose and why. Does it have beautiful scenery or special significance? It doesn’t have to look picture-perfect, but you should think about the lasting memories that it will create.


Overall, your proposal should be personal. Gaining inspiration from others is a great place to start, but don’t just steal an idea. Instead, add personal touches such as her favorite flowers or a special song to make this day as unique to you both as possible.


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