Slip And Fall Accident? 3 At-Home Exercises To Encourage Healing

If you’ve been injured as a result of a slip and fall accident, you must be careful not to strain the injured area. After being assessed by your primary care physician and adhering to your prescribed medication instructions, you can proceed to incorporate a few exercises that will strengthen the area. Please note that if you’ve broken a bone, there’s nothing you can do until the bone has been healed naturally over a 6-12 week period. After this time frame, you still must proceed with caution so that you will not cause another fraction which could extend your recovery time.

Slip And Fall Accident? 3 At-Home Exercises To Encourage Healing

Walk Your Way To Healing

Walking offers numerous benefits that other exercises do not. When you walk, your entire body is engaged in motion. Your heart gets a cardio workout, your legs and arms also can be strengthened. Walking is low impact and can be done at a slow pace allowing your muscles to become comfortable with the slight pressure of motion. Another benefit that walking offers is the relaxed nature of the exercise. You can walk down your neighborhood block, walk to the corner store, or local restaurant.

Perform Seated Exercises

You may not be able to stand for extended periods because of equilibrium issues, but you can exercise while sitting. There are videos on YouTube that offer stroke patients and seniors an alternative way to move their joints without compromising their health. These videos emphasize leg, torso, and arm movements. These type of exercises may not seem like they have significant benefits, but muscles and joints that experience regular movement lowers the risk of developing arthritis.

Use Your Bed As An Exercise Mat

If you can’t perform push ups or sit ups, you can lay on your back or side to perform exercises. While laying on your side, you can alternate sides to lift each leg for a set number. While laying on your back, you can lift your leg straight up or bend your leg and pull your knee towards your chest alternating each leg for a set number. These exercises will strengthen your back, pelvis, and legs.

When a slip and fall injury takes longer to heal than you expect, it may be tempting to try to rush healing. It’s important to be patient and take that time to resolve any other issues surrounding your injury, such as legalities. If you have questions regarding legalities it may be a good idea to talk to a slip and fall attorney. Despite the lengthy time you must wait for healing, you must be very careful not to perform exercises that will create more pain. Follow the tips above to help you heal and get back to your normal routine.


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