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The main function of a directory is to organize links in various directories. Search engines like Google go through these directories & use it as a platform or system for reference to get the requisite links. The submission work is generally done manually.

After submission, there is a process of scrutiny that is done by a human editor. Such level of scrutiny is not possible with any other software. Once the link is validated, the link becomes of great value when present in any kind of directory rather than on any other website.

Another benefit of submitting a blog or a link to a directory is very fast indexation of the link. The search Engines do this indexation. It is very easy to obtain any information about the link if it is listed in a directory. This is a time saving process compared to submitting to a search engine.

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The various other benefits are:

  • The links which are submitted are inbound & one way. These links may or may not be available on other websites.

  • Helps in improving the rank of our web pages on search engines. There is a site title that contains the keywords.

  • There is no need to pay for submission. There are directories that charge a premium but their number is very less compared to the number of free directories.

  • If the link is placed in the wrong category, the reviewer puts it in the right one.

  • It helps in increasing the number of visitors & customers.

Thus, there are innumerable benefits & reasons for submitting a blog to a directory. Whether it is done personally or professionally, the efforts & the cost are worth it.

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