Summer Weddings – Marquee Mishaps You’d Be Wise To Avoid

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There’s really no disputing the fact that a summer marquee wedding has the potential to be uniquely spectacular. But at the same time, it represents a considerably different booking and preparation process than that of a traditional wedding. Arranging marquee hire in South East London has never been easier, but it really isn’t quite as simple as just diving headfirst into the idea without knowing what to expect.

One of the very best ways of ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch (no pun intended) is to learn from the rather unfortunate mistakes of others.  And as some examples of mistakes are considerably more common than others, these should undoubtedly be taken note of and their respective warnings heeded.

Summer Weddings - Marquee Mishaps You’d Be Wise To Avoid

So in the interests of ensuring that your own summer wedding is as flawless as it deserves to be, be sure to avoid the following highly common mistakes at all costs:

1 – Booking Late

First of all, don’t let the fact that marquee weddings aren’t as common as traditional weddings fool you into thinking that demand is not extraordinary.  It is, which is why if you make the mistake of leaving things until a relatively late stage, you risk havingmore than a few problems securing the hardware and services you need. In addition, the fact that you will almost always get the very best deals, the best prices and the best marquees on the market by booking aheadreally makes doing so the only sensible way to go.

2 – Not Assessing the Supplier

Never fall into the trap of assuming that all wedding marqueehire companies and service providers are cut from the same cloth. And it’s exactly the same for the equipment they provide as well, as while some are hire companies offer nothing more than the latest, most sophisticated and generally most stunning equipment on the market, others are more than happy to use tired, dated and often dilapidatedhardware. Quite simply, taking things for granted is never a good idea – carry out as many checks as necessary.

3 – Rushed Venue Selection

The real beauty about a marquee wedding is the way in which it opens up pretty much the entire country as a potential wedding venue. Which is precisely why it really doesn’t make any sense to rush the venue selection process as in doing so you will undoubtedly fail to consider possible alternatives that could be superior in every way.This is yet another reason why it is a good idea to both plan as far ahead of time as possible and work only with service providers who can offer plenty of advice and suggestions.

4 – Juggling Multiple Service Providers

Speaking of service providers, it really doesn’t make sense to try and juggle a dozen different service providers when it is perfectly possible to hire one provider of total quality to take care of the whole thing. The simple fact of the matter is that if you hire one provider for the marquee itself, one for catering, one for seating, one for decorations and so on and so forth, you massively increase the likelihood of something going wrong in the coordination process.  Not only this, but it is almost guaranteed to cost you more than have you worked with one sole service provider of quality.

5 – Size Slipups

A wedding marquee that is too small will of course prove inconvenient for fairly obvious reasons. Nevertheless, a marquee that is far too big will make the event feel distinctly under-attended and it will be difficult to build the ideal wedding atmosphere. It’s therefore a good idea to be as realistic and accurate as possible when it comes to the size of the marquee you actually need.

6 – Ignoring Accessibility

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, don’t forget thatabsolutely everybody (service providers and guests included) needs to be able to get to thewedding partyand return home again with ease. If you select a location which is truly beautiful but is borderline impossible for 90% of your guests to get to, you cannot be surprised when most of your RSVPs are disappointing in nature.

7 – Overlooking Feedback

Last but not least, one of the most important checks to carry out before going ahead with any such arrangement is the feedback and testimonials that the service provider has earned. Even if there isn’t a great deal of evidence to go on via their primary website, it’s as simple as carrying out a quick online search or two, in order to find out how they perform. If the feedback you find doesn’t paint a positive picture, you might want to think twice about who you work with.


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