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  • Modern Day Orthopedic Conditions

    Oct 30, 12 • 783 Views • HealthComments Off on Modern Day Orthopedic Conditions

    Common causes of orthopedic conditions Orthopedic conditions vary with age. Often times, teenagers develop complications with existing injuries when they overwork their joints and this can result in conditions like [&hellip...

  • What Is TMJ?

    Sep 20, 12 • 483 Views • HealthComments Off on What Is TMJ?

    What do chronic headaches, ear pain, and a constant buzzing sound have in common? They are all symptoms of a jaw condition known as temperomandibular joint disorder. This is commonly [&hellip...

  • Exploring The Link Between Tinnitus And TMJ

    Aug 24, 12 • 1072 Views • HealthComments Off on Exploring The Link Between Tinnitus And TMJ

    TMJ and tinnitus may not seem linked at first glance. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, often called TMJ or TMD, is stiffness, bite problems, a locked jaw, ear pain, clicking sounds and [&hellip...