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  • The Legacy Of Antiques Roadshow

    Aug 9, 12 • 753 Views • EntertainmentComments Off on The Legacy Of Antiques Roadshow

    Years ago I was speaking with a person who had done a lot of documentary work with public television.  He had his own video production company and we were discussing [&hellip...

  • Who Are The Top Business Speakers In The UK?

    Jul 27, 12 • 818 Views • Business1 Comment

    Business speakers represent excellent choices for an event in the UK. Combining strong perspectives and expertise on specialised and more general areas, while also bringing distinctive personalities and anecdotes to [&hellip...

  • 5 Great Websites For Science

    Jul 14, 12 • 889 Views • EducationComments Off on 5 Great Websites For Science

    If you have a student or child who is extremely interested in science or who is struggling, you may be  interested in providing them with more information and help on [&hellip...