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  • Can You Translate This

    Sep 25, 12 • 779 Views • EducationComments Off on Can You Translate This

    Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by the means of an equivalent target-language text. An example of this would be from English to French, with [&hellip...

  • Classic Translation Mishaps

    Sep 19, 12 • 641 Views • EducationComments Off on Classic Translation Mishaps

    If you need to conduct business in a foreign language you will be well aware of the pitfalls inherent in mistranslations. What seems simple enough in your own tongue can [&hellip...

  • Translating Ain’t Such A Boring Topic!

    Jul 16, 12 • 784 Views • TechnologyComments Off on Translating Ain’t Such A Boring Topic!

    Starting and running a global business has become so much easier as the world is now shrunk into one big manageable market. Whether your customers are in Bangkok or Florida, [&hellip...