Technical Features Of Remote Controlled Helicopters Like Walkera V450d03

The thrill of remote controlled devices and toys is indescribable. It is no wonder that such equipment is enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. Whether it is a beginner using remote controlled flying devices, or someone who has had previous experience in flying them, a new model with improved features is always in demand. In the following sections, we see the technical specifications of latest models of remote controlled helicopter toys like Walkera helicopter.

Technical Features Of Remote Controlled Helicopters Like Walkera V450d03

Stability and Control

Most models of remote controlled flying devices are now equipped with the 6-axis gyro instead of the 3-axis gyro. This gives a better control to the user and makes manoeuvring of the devices easier. This means that users can perform complicated aerobatics and take sharp turns mid-air without losing control of their device.

Material of Construction

Remote controlled flying devices are either made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics or metal components. While the metallic parts make the device more sturdy and resistant to impact, they also add to the weight of the helicopter. This is why manufacturers are replacing the metallic components with carbon fibre reinforced plastic material which is much lighter than metal but offers almost the same strength.

Absence of Flybar

Flybars are thin metallic stabilisers on top of the remote-controlled helicopters which increase the stability of the helicopter when in flight. Latest models of helicopters, like Walkera V450D03, come without flybars. The absence of flybars makes them much lighter in weight than the models with flybars, yet they have excellent in-flight stability.

Extended Battery Life

The absence of flybars and the fact that newer models of helicopters are much lighter in weight than the older ones results in a much slower battery usage. This means that the helicopter will stay in flight longer with the same battery charge.

Transmitter Range and Power

The newer models of helicopters have a longer transmission range and power because of upgradation to 2.4GHz transmitter. This feature allows the users to effectively control the device from a longer distance and gives them a more fulfilling experience with the device.

Maintenance and Service Costs

An important feature to consider while purchasing any remote-controlled device is the maintenance cost. Helicopters made of plastic body instead of metal and those with fewer parts require much lesser maintenance than others.

Assembling Procedure

While some remote-controlled flying devices requires assembling before they can fly, some models like the Walkera V450D03 are supplied in a pre-assembled form and are ready to use after charging their batteries.

It is vital to know the features of any remote-controlled device before purchasing it. Different features can alter the experience hence one must carefully see and compare the technical details of different products. For helicopters, minor differences in parts might drastically change the performance of the device.


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