Technology In the Classroom Today

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The advances being made in technology today far outstrip any fantasies that we could have conjured up just scant years ago. Tablets, smart phones, flat screen TVs, compact computers and laptops with incredible power were all just pipe dreams as little as even 20 years past and today they keep on getting bigger, clearer, stronger and cheaper.

This technology has led to incredible changes in the way children are being taught in our schools today and great changes in education public relations by Grebot Donnelly. Parents can communicate with schools through Facebook, Twitter, Email and schools need to be a breast of the situation. Online courses, email from teachers, Skype communications and even social media are influencing the way children communicate with their teachers and with each other. Tablets like the iPad have taken the phrase ‘interactive’ to an entirely new level and even the old chalkboard with its ubiquitous chalk and erasers is being replaced with something that looks like it came from a sci-fi movie set.

It’s called a whiteboard and, for all intents and purposes, it’s a gigantic interactive led screen that takes the place of the old, outdated chalkboard. Imagine a teacher being able to give lessons on a giant laptop screen to an entire class of kids and you’ll know what we mean. The power of the PC in a great teachers hands is a beauty to behold and, with a screen as big as a chalkboard, even the kids in the back of the room will be able to see everything.

The iPad has made quite a mark on the world and on the classroom as well. Books can now come to life, homework can’t be forgotten (or eaten by the dog) and, if a child gets stuck on a question, the World Wide Web is at their disposal to find an answer. Just the fact that they can access so much information so easily still blows some teachers away and, as a communication tool, there’s nothing like it. Kids love their iPads and a smart teacher will use this to their advantage.

Technology has also led to more inclusion, especially among disabled students or students who are ‘home sick’. Even a kid with the chicken pox can still tune into class if they have a tablet or PC with a high-speed internet connection and Skype.

It truly is an interesting and advantageous time to be a student. Technology is only going to get better and using it to educate our children more important (and interesting) than ever.


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