The 411 on an RSS Feed

If you’re looking to tailor the web to expectations, then it’s likely that you’ve considered all manner of RSS feeds. To put it simply, an rss feed is an automatic feed that users subscribe to in order to receive subject news updates. This may come in the form of news, sports, financial updates and tech updates – among others.  Most everyone has a particular interest on the web and one way of receiving regularly updated content is by way of feeds.

The 411 on an RSS Feed

Browsers simply navigate to a website of interest and subscribe to the relevant rss feed. These work well when the user is interested in the type of content being offered. However, if tastes and preferences change, then that particular RSS feed may no longer be required. In this case, a manual unsubscribe will be required. This proves to be tedious and it may well be time consuming too.

Filters and feed lists that users subscribe to are no longer required with Genieo software. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) software actually pulls relevant information from the web and brings it direct to the startpage. With Genieo, users build a feed list automatically – with no need for personal input. This means, you don’t have to subscribe and unsubscribe to RSS feed manually. This software keeps learning about your browsing habits and personal interests. It only provides the list of websites that you really like, so you won’t see the ones that don’t interest you. As your browsing habits change, this software does too. It keeps developing and providing you with the latest RSS feeds that you are into. As soon as you download and install the software, it instantly updates to personal preferences and scours the web for relevant information in real time.

When you are no longer interested in certain RSS feeds, you don’t have to worry about unsubscribing at all. The news feeds that you no longer like will not be on the startpage anymore. Therefore, it really is a time-saving solution. The modern lifestyle requires you to be fast, efficient, and effective all the time. Having to subscribe and unsubscribe will only take your time to read the latest information from the feeds. Relying on the Genieo software for your contemporary lifestyle is great alternative solution. Your privacy will remain safe and secure while this software is used. Even though this software tracks your browsing interests, it doesn’t compromise your private information.


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