The 5 Most Popular Tools Around

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The 5 Most Popular Tools AroundWhen about to complete a DIY job which requires a specialist tool, there are many to choose from. Although a homeowner might have a hammer, spanners and various wrenches, there are some power tools which are more popular than others. Although a power tool can be bought, equipment hire can be chosen instead. If the task which it is required for is one which won’t be done often, it can be returned after. When a power tool is chosen from tool hire shops by someone who lives in a studio flat, they might not have enough free space to store it. Here are some of the tools which many people hire:


A digger can be hired for a number of jobs. When building a swimming pool, a hole has to be dug in the ground. Although this can be done with a shovel, a digger can do so very quickly. When soil is hard, a digger can break through. This tool is available in a variety of sizes. A mini digger can be hired and so too can one which is similar to what is used on a building site.

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower can be hired every couple of weeks. As a lawn mower can cost a lot of money, hiring it is an alternative. This is because the cost of hiring a lawnmower is far less than buying it. There are many types of lawnmowers available such as those which are pushed. A lawn mower can also be hired which has a seat.

Leaf Blower

When a property is near a tree, leaves can cause a number of problems. If leaves get into guttering, it can clog it up. When it starts to rain, a blockage can happen. However, by hiring a leaf blower, there is no chance of this happening. The cost of hiring a leaf blower is worth every penny because a bill for repairing guttering doesn’t have to be paid as this damage won’t occur.

Hedge Cutter

If a hedge in a family home needs to be trimmed, children can be at danger. If they pick up a hedge cutter, they could hurt themselves when it is turned on. By hiring a hedge cutter, it can be returned as soon as it isn’t required anymore.

Cordless Drill

One of the most popular power tool hire options around, a cordless drill can be used for a variety of reasons. From drilling nails into a bookcase when it is being assembled to taking out nails which are in a wall, a cordless drill can also help when putting up a shelf. As this power tool doesn’t have a cord, it doesn’t have to be unplugged when it is used in various rooms. A cordless drill is powered by a battery and, when it has sufficient power, it can be turned on whenever someone wants to. Even when a cordless drill is used outside, it doesn’t have to be near a socket which is very convenient.

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