The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S7 – Features and Spec sheet

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Samsung seems hell-bent on bringing to the customers the finest phones. Its latest models are the Galaxy S6. It’s a classy model, slim to the touch and yet packed with more features than you can handle! Here are some of its amazing features:

Phone Length and Display

The Samsung the Galaxy S7 has a length of 5.1 inches. This makes the screen area large enough for that optimal viewing experience while avoiding being too bulky. The phone also comes with 557 PPI or pixels per inch for a rich display. Galaxy S8 is the next device to watch out for.

The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S7 – Features and Spec sheet


With the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can well turn into a professional photographer! You’ll love this phone even if you are not a shutterbug for it comes with Dual Pixel 12 MP camera. The camera’s other features are Action Autofocus, Bright Lens, Motion Panorama, Hyperlapse and Motion Photos. With all these superb features, you’ll feel like taking pics all day, including selfies!


The Samsung Galaxy S7 offers you an engrossing mobile gaming experience. With a dedicated game centre, you can download new games. Furthermore, this model also gives the opportunity to record your game plays. The phone’s processor is powerful enough to handle the latest games with high graphic intensive games.


Both of Samsung’s latest phones, the S7 and S7 Edge, come with powerful features. However, the processor is what keeps all else running smoothly. It also handles the charging well. Although the size of the battery is comparatively larger, the processor boosts charge quickly. Let’s say you are browsing from the phone while transferring files from the micro SD card, both functions shall run smoothly thanks to it.

Dust and Water Resistance

this is perhaps one of the best features of the model. It can remain underwater of 1.5 meters depth for 30 and still function normally. For protection against dust, the phone includes covering over all plug points and openings.

Because the company values your time, it has implemented various shortcuts. This enables you to get things done faster without unnecessary wastage of time. Shortcuts are implemented at all the right places for optimal user experience. iPhone 8 would be the next device to watch out for.


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