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The Best Places To Eat Cake In The World

There are so many personal reasons for travelling the globe. Think about every time you have hopped on a plane – was it for a holiday? Was it for a family get together? The reasons are for too complex and personal to list. Trying to think of an unusual but fun reason to travel finally brought me to cake – everyone loves cake so why not indulge in a global pursuit of the finest cake in the world? Read on and be tempted…

Sicilians are far more famous for volcanoes, Mafioso and wine than they are cakes. The secret that these Mediterranean’s love and produce some very fine sweet products could be a surprise to some. Obviously, the standard yet mouth-watering canola is available throughout the island. They are also fond of washing them down with a thick sweet hot chocolate that spoils the taste buds. The best cake of all in Sicily is the cake that all Sicilians eat on their wedding day. The island is renowned for growing the best lemons in the world and this is apparent in their lemon cake. This is no ordinary cake but a delicate, moist confection that melts in the mouth. It is worth catching a flight to this magnificent region, just to taste their cake.

Paris has been providing its population with fabulous bread for many centuries. Did you know that Paris also houses some of the top patisseries in the world?  Patisseries look as good as the cakes that they sell. Think huge plate glass windows displaying cake stands full of the most delicious treats. Chocolate éclairs were invented here, along with the always pleasing macaroon. Driving around Paris could be a hair-raising experience but if you combine it with stopping at every Patisserie that you pass, then a pleasurable experience is sure to come your way.

Buenos Aires has many coffee shops that are reminiscent to the streets of Paris. Wandering around this atmospheric city, there is no finer place to stop for a fine cup of coffee and a slab of cake smothered in Dulce de Leche. The Argentines are crazy about this sweet caramel sauce that they use in cakes and puddings. It is not for those watching their figures but a real indulgent treat.

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The United States of America have given the world delicious morsels such as doughnuts, cookies and Key Lime Pie. One of the best sweet treats in America is the Pecan Pie. The inventors cleverly took the nutty, crunchiness of pecan nuts and placed them in a short crust pastry pie. The flavour of good Pecan Pie is intense and enjoyable. However, it is even better if combined with a slither of the Key Lime Pie!

Most countries in the world have their own specialiality cakes, whether it is a cream scone afternoon tea in England or a Crème Catalan in Spain. The trick is to travel, test them all (it is a matter of science) and enjoy!

We travelled around the patisseries of Paris in a car from comparecarrentals.com and stayed at the Five Hotel.

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