The Best Summer Fashion for Men

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Men’s designer fashion has come a long way over the past several decades. Men’s taste in clothing have become more defined, more up to date, and more fashion forward. One of the most loved designers when it comes to men’s fashion is Paul Smith. He is known for his flamboyant style, his impeccable taste, structured and unique collection that is very wearable for just about any man who wants to look good and feel great about himself.

One of the most saleable items right now is Paul Smith summer shorts from His slim-fitting shorts have been flying off the rack this season simply because of its quality and versatility. His collection involves staples that are very easy to pair with just about anything that men have in their closets. His shorts are made of light but well-tailored fabric that are easy on the skin even if the weather is a bit unforgiving. One of his most popular designs is the slim-fit Jacquard-woven cotton shorts. It serves as an upgrade to the standard and typical summer shorts because of its tailored fit. These summer shorts are great when paired with a light coloured blazer of your choice and a pair of loafers to make you look dashing even on hot summer days.

Another popular Paul Smith design is the Beams Plus slim-fit embroidered brushed cotton shorts. This quirky design is born out of a brilliant partnership between Beams Plus and Palm Graphics for that ultimate surf-meets-prep look. The best thing about these pair of summer shorts is that it offers great comfort, functionality and style. This is perfect to wear with your favourite crisp white round neck shirt and a pair of dark colored sneakers. So on your next surf trip or next holiday make sure to pack this Paul Smith creation for that ultimate summer outfit.

Lately one of the most popular trends that came out for men’s designer fashion is the Canada goose jacket at Made for more chilly weather, this jacket is made of duck down weather making the wearer feel extremely comfortable and toasty. Most fashion forward men can pull off this look because they are slim-fitting and will look them put together in no time. Most Canada goose jackets have a two-way adjustable tunnel hood for added comfort and warmth. They usually fall down to the mid-length so that they look great whether you pair them with your favorite jeans or slacks. Depending on your creativity, you can dress up your goose jacket for more dressy occasions by wearing something shiny beneath it or dress it down by wearing a plain cotton shirt underneath.

With the many choices that men have nowadays when it comes to fashion sky is the limit. If you want to go for quirky yet classic and functional designs your best bet is definitely anything made by Paul Smith.


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