The Best Wholesale Businesses to Start

When it comes to a wholesale business it is important to know what has the most potential to work well. The nice thing about wholesale is that there is room for more than one supplier in each niche. Now, the important thing to do is choose a niche. Are you going to work with candy, party supplies, floral gifts, etc? Choosing a niche is important to marketing and becoming known for what you have to sell.


Wholesale Candy

Most everyone enjoys candy and they really love to find the classic candies that they grew up with. You will want a large variety of candies, both classic and new, for your customers to choose from when getting into the wholesale candy business. You want to offer a variety of size choices so that customers who only want some for personal consumption can get as good a deal as someone ordering hundreds of pieces of candy for an event.


Wholesale Party Supplies

When someone is throwing a party they want to get enough for everyone, but they also want to stick to a budget. This is where you come in. You need to have a large variety of product and be able to offer it at prices that your competitors cannot beat. You also want to be able to offer things like party packs. These would have everything needed for a specific kind of party, such as a Christmas party, child’s birthday party or New Year’s Eve party.


Wholesale Jewelry

This market is a bit saturated, but many of the sellers are giving out subpar quality or the costs are simply to high. If you can find quality jewelry that you will be able to offer a great price while still profiting you will be in a really good place in this niche. You want to mix it up too. For example, if you have a variety of stone colors, allow customers to either choose bulk of the same color or bulk of multiple colors. This is because some want multiple colors for themselves or they want all one color to use as gifts, party favors or other things. It is important to offer enough of a variety of appeal to all ages. For example, body jewelry for the younger age groups, silver and gold (either real or plated) for all groups, men’s choices for men, costume jewelry for those into fashion, children’s jewelry and things like broaches for the older customers.


Author: robynsorenson