The Choice Between Cremation And Burial

When a loved one passes away, there are many decisions that must be made. One of them is whether to have the body cremated or have a traditional burial. If the deceased did not have any specific wishes regarding the issue, there are some considerations that can help you decide

The most common consideration is of personal, spiritual, or religious philosophies. There are some religions that forbid cremation because they see it as a desecration of the body. However, some of the religions that traditionally held to this belief are becoming more accepting of different burials. If you have any questions regarding this matter, speak to your religious guide.

There are others who want to be cremated out of environmental concerns. Being buried takes up a certain amount of land. While there is little to be concerned about regarding the health of the land the body is being buried in, some people do not want to take up the space that could be used for more life-bearing endeavors.

Cremation is becoming more popular as people are becoming more spread out. Families no longer live in the same town for generations. People move across countries and oceans while still remaining in touch with modern technology. However, if someone is buried in the traditional manner, it is impossible for the entire family to visit the deceased as much as they would like. When a body is cremated, certain family members can be given their own small urns with a divided amount of the ashes. While some people may not feel comfortable with splitting up the ashes, others may appreciate the idea that their loved one can be with the entire family at once.

To others, it is less important that the ashes of the deceased are with them and more important that the ashes are somewhere the loved one wanted to be laid to rest. For example, some people want to be scattered over a certain area of land or a body of water. There are only certain places where people can be buried, but most places don’t have any rules regarding the scattering of ashes. However, it may be a good idea to check if you plan on doing it on private property just to be sure.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to remember that the service does not have to be changed. You can still choose exactly how you want the funeral to be. For example, if you choose cremation, you can still have a body present at the funeral for people to say goodbye to. The actual cremation can take place after the service. This will allow family and friends to grieve and say goodbye. Burial and cremation off the same services. The same recitations, prayers, and music are all your choice.

Many people make this decision for themselves in their will before they pass away so their loved ones are not left with the task of doing so at such a sorrowful time. Take the time to consider your options and make the process easier for your family.

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