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The DC Health Link – Whats New In Insurance Plans

When the federal healthcare came into effect, there was an urgent requirement for a market for health insurance known as the Exchange. The Exchange in Washington, DC is called the DC Health Link. Here, you can compare, choose and buy plans that will suit you and your family members best.

More than 300 Insurance Plans

The DC Health Link will provide 301 plans in total, 34 of which are specially made for individuals and for families. There will be 3 insurers that will sell private coverage, as well, though. They are as follows: BlueCross, CareFirst and Kaiser Permanente.

Many Variety of Insurance Plans

The different plans will all have different insurance levels, as well: the bronze level at 60%, the silver level at 70%, the gold level at 80% and the platinum level at 90%. Naturally, if you choose a higher plan you will also reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Facts of Prices According to Plans

Your healthcare’s price will depend on various factors; the main ones being your income and the kind of plan that you are interested in to begin with. Depending on how much money you make, you might be eligible for tax credits, subsidies or Medicaid to help you out with your insurance costs, too, though. Anybody under 133% of the poverty level or $15,000 in annual wages for one person or $30,000 in annual wages for families of four will qualify for Medicaid.

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Text Credits

Tax credits will be based on the second most affordable plan, the Silver Plan. This will make it easier for people to figure out what their extra out-of-pocket expenses will be for each individual plan.

Availability of DC Health Link

These plans are now available on the site, but your plan won’t be effective until January 2014. Open enrolment will last until March 2014 through dchealthlink.com. Every enrollee will be able to talk to knowledgeable enrollment professionals over the phone or in person as needed.

Through the Internet, consumers will also be able to compare their different plan options. There will be filters available there to narrow down the options depending on your needs, too. You can view HMO-only plans or plans with certain deductible levels.

All of these plans will provide the same essential services of doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency services, newborn and maternity care, substance use disorder and mental health services and treatments, rehabilitative devices and services, prescription drugs, wellness and preventive services, and laboratory services.

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