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The Elegant Punk Style

Punk music may officially be dead, but punk fashion is alive and kicking. When punk started in the seventies it was all about rebellion and fighting the establishment. In a situation not too different from our current economical downturn, Britain was experiencing money troubles. Unemployment was at an all new high and the youth were restless. Their desire for rebellion drove them to push the boundaries fashion in a way that had never been seen before and has never been seen since.

Punk style then

Giant Mohicans held up with glue and dyed in violent shades of colour, an astounding array of piercings, torn up clothing and a bad attitude are the first things that come to mind when thinking about punk fashion. The style icons then were Vivienne Westwood and The Sex Pistols. They publicised the scene and helped create the punk look we know and love but punk style has moved on. It may have been the case in the seventies that no one ever washed and everyone was an anarchist but now punk has taken on a more elegant style in its old age.

Style Icons of today

Think Rooney Mara in the film ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. She still makes use of a classic Mohican but it’s trendier and more versatile. She puts her hair into a sort of half Mohican that can be styled easily from her short cropped hair cut but she can just as easily leave her hair down for a more conservative but still edgy look. She has several piercings including nose studs/rings, a lip piercing and an eyebrow piercing.

Perhaps the main difference between the punks of the past and the punk fashion of now is the clothing they wear. Faded tartan and tattered leather, held together with fabric patches and safety pins are now only worn by the real old schoolers. Modern punk is chic and elegant and can be worn by those wanting to look edgy but not so outrageous that you’ll offend your granny.

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Get the look

Dark colours are the secret to getting the modern punk look. It’s similar to Goth fashion but classier. Try and find a leather jacket with lots of zips and team with leggings or some dark distressed jeans. Layering up with a grey scarf or a see through panelled top is another great way to make the punk statement in a classy understated way.


Piercings are essential to looking like you mean it when you’re going for punk style. There are so many different fashionable options you’re pretty spoiled for choice. Nose studs are the all rounder that suits just about everyone and will instantly show there’s a wild side to you. If you want to show your inner rebel even more, then consider trading a stud for a ring which is more quintessential punk. Liberal ear piercing is also a favourite of punk fashion followers everywhere although we definitely recommend you visit a registered piercing studio and don’t attempt any of this at home.

Emma has always loved punk music, as well as the fashions that emerged in the 70’s. She now owns her own music and clothing shop as a celebration of that culture, and sports the punk look to this day.

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