The Essential Guide to a Forgotten Region

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A country that is full of breath taking scenery, an exotic land that is home to the rarest of wildlife, and weather that is as unpredictable as the wilderness that lies beneath it, Patagonia is a country of spectacular beauty, but one that is often left unappreciated, neglected and overlooked despite its rural edge. Patagonia travel offers tourists something that few other countries can; the ability to see it all, experience all manner of sights, and enjoy a blissful and explorative break in what can only be described as a forgotten region.

Patagonia is situated between Argentina and Chile, and is the southern end of South America creating its beauty and sporadic climate. The sights that surround the area are breath taking and are of a once in a lifetime experience – the Andes mountain range is situated close by and the Pacific Ocean lies to the southwest of the country.


The small country holds large sights and big examples of nature and landmarks in its realist form, and despite having a population of only two million people, the country is a hive of nature and is the perfect location for exploration and adventure. The weather is as unpredictable as the wildlife that inhabits it, and the country is often considered to be inhospitable for tourists during its severe winters ranging from June to September. The region is entirely dominated by the nature around it and although it can be a tough environment to be in during these months, it is more than worth discovering its hidden beauties.

Some of the most beautiful landmarks and natural creations can be found in the country and this offers a wide range of activities that can be done whilst visiting the small country.

Areas of Beauty and Spectacle

  • Buenos Aires is close to Patagonia, and is home to glaciers and waterfalls that are almost indescribable. A visit to Patagonia must lead to a visit to these spectacles not only because of their sheer beauty but for the fact they offer some of the most amazing experiences.
  • Patagonia itself is home to the Torres del National Park, which provides the opportunity to see some of the plants and wildlife that is found in the country whilst the ability to enjoy the cultures and way of life the country and its people has to offer.
  • Chile, the adjoining country to Patagonia, holds some of the most remote and untouched landscapes of any other country. Nature has been left as it should be and the vast scenery is a sight in itself.
  • Perito Moreno is another popular destination in close proximity to Patagonia and it too is home an expanse of glaciers as well as a thriving and stunning lake district, the ideal opportunity to embrace the local wildlife.

Hiking, trekking and cruises are the best ways to experience everything that Patagonia and its accompanying areas have to offer. It is not a destination for the faint hearted and creates the perfect holiday for nature lovers with a desire for adventure and exploration.


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