The Hills – American Reality Television Series

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The Hills first aired on MTV in 2006, it was a spin off from another MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach was centred on Lauren Conrad and her friends as they embarked on their senior year in high school, all the trials and tribulations of growing up in Orange County.

The Hills focuses on Lauren, Lauren moves to LA to pursue her career in fashion. The Hills features the lives of her and her new friends, Heidi, Audrina, Whitney, Spencer and Brody. The first episode concentrates on Lauren moving into her best friend Heidi Montag’s apartment, Lauren gaining an internship at Teen Vogue and partying in LA. Lauren soon realises that life living with Heidi isn’t as good as it seems, especially when Heidi meets Spencer Pratt.

The Hills - American Reality Television Series

Lauren and Spencer originally were friends – but when she witnesses the hurt he causes Heidi  throughout their relationship, Lauren and Spencer’s friendship turns to hatred and he will do anything he can to sabotage Lauren and Heidi’s friendship.

The strain between Lauren and Heidi’s friendship is one of the central focuses of each series, eventually Heidi moves in with Spencer (which is part of his plan to separate Lauren and Heidi). Spencer’s possessiveness is apparent to everyone except Heidi, so when they become engaged – their friends are not full of congratulations for them. Season 3 filmed the full extent of the fallout from Heidi and Lauren, due to allegations that Heidi and Spencer made up rumours of a sex tape between Lauren and her ex-boyfriend Jason, resulting in Lauren cutting all ties with Heidi.

In 2009, Series 5 sees the reunion of Lauren and Heidi at the wedding of Heidi and Spencer, but also sees the departure of Lauren, who leaves to focus on her career and personal life. Heidi spirals into the world of cosmetic surgery and receives widespread criticism as she under goes10 cosmetic procedures in 10days. Heidi and Spencer then begin to alienate their family and friends; they were eventually removed from the show due to their erratic behaviours and have since remained in the reality TV world by appearing in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother.

2010 – Series 6, the final season. The show continues for another series continues to focus on Audrina, Spencer’s sister Stephanie, Brody and a few new faces come into the show, Lo and Kristin  whom were both originally in the cast of Laguna Beach, Lo having a few one off appearances in the early seasons of The Hills. Kristin who has been enemies with Lauren since the Laguna Beach shows, continues with her quest to flirt with Brody and every other male in LA.

In the last episode Kristin is filmed saying good bye to Brody as she heads to Europe, as she leaves – it appears that the show is filmed in a studio and not actually “Real Life” which responded to the speculation that the show was actually scripted. An alternative ending was also filmed which showed Lauren and Brody reunited talking in his apartment.

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