The Importance Of Getting Web Design Right

Every individual who has ever been an online customer knows intuitively how important good web design is. From aesthetics through to the ease of completing your desired action, a great website can give any business the edge in today’s competitive marketplace. So what are the main benefits of great design?

The Importance Of Getting Web Design Right


A beautifully built website with powerful copy, bespoke images and a structure that is based on current principles of good design will naturally look professional and give a sense of value to the owning brand. Customers feel more confident about engaging with a professional website, particularly one which displays its security credentials clearly.


A great website should offer clear and well laid out customer journeys, that carefully guide visitors through to their intended actions. A professional London web design company will spend time establishing those customer journeys and structures with the client before the website is built. Today’s websites may have various landing pages and modern templates allow easy reworking of customer journeys to suit changing needs. Forward-thinking companies will regularly review and change their journeys accordingly.

The Importance Of Getting Web Design Right

Great Content

Strong content also gives a sense of professionalism and gives customers added value by providing useful information and answers to the questions that they may have. Redsnapper have years of experience in web development and will often bring copywriters in for a web design project, to ensure that the content is of the right type and quality. A good content plan can make all the difference to your website and your customers’ experience of it.


A good website will also provide strong linking opportunities that help to rank the website on search engine listings. This is vital to boost online presence and to encourage organic traffic. Good links also help with referrals through expert content referrals and author links. Again, a web design agency will usually provide online marketing support as part of any website development.

In short, no business can afford to ignore the power of its digital assets in today‚Äôs commercial environment. From websites to apps, it is essential to invest in the quality and ongoing maintenance and development of this vital digital engagement and sales channel. Do so and you’ll have a vital chance to gain leads and conversions. Let your website lapse, and you risk losing valuable market share to your competitors.


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