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The Many Uses Of Printed Labels

Printed Labels

Printed labels have many uses, both within the home and across offices and different types of businesses. Labels printed with with brand logos and serial numbers, and stickers for updating information, can be easily picked up in large rolls, and used extensively for different purposes. In this way, printed labels are a valuable stationary item to have to hand when working, and can also be used to help deter thieves by being difficult to remove without leaving a permanent mark. Moreover, printed labels have the benefit of being low cost, and buyable in bulk. Stocking up on a range of different printed labels for an office cupboard is therefore essential to ensuring that day to day tasks and office management can be kept at consistent levels. Some of the key ways in which printed labels can be used include:

1 – Food Labels

Printed labels can be an excellent way of labelling food containers for fridges and freezers. Information can be provided on expiry dates, as well as ownership, and can help to resolve disputes in office kitchens. In the same way, having accurate labels for unpackaged food in the home can make it easier to avoid food poisoning.

Printed Labels

2 – PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT, involves the checking of electrical appliances for faults, and is carried out as a routine exercise for large buildings and workplaces. Rewritable labels are typically used to record the date of maintenance checks, and to alert office managers of when to request another safety check.

3 – Medicine Labels

A large roll of printed labels is an invaluable item to have in a pharmacy or hospital dispensary. Customer information, dosage information and expiry dates can be printed off and attached to medicines, and can represent a cheap and easy way of keeping on top of customer demands within a busy working environment.

4 – Adhesive Window Stickers

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Window stickers and labels offer an excellent way to advertise a business when placed in ways that afford maximum visibility from the street. Logos and opening times can be included on the labels, as can details of special offers for a business.

5 – Security Labels

Printed labels are also generally effective as part of security measures. Labels containing barcodes and serial numbers can identify ownership for costly items, and can be used to track them when they move between different destinations. These labels tend to be non removable, and resistant to scratching and weather damage.

6 – Packaging Labels

Easy to apply packaging labels represent another way in which to make the most of low cost printing and labelling services. Packaging labels that feature a company’s brand logo and contact information can be attached to mail outs, and to identify products as they are despatched from a warehouse.

7 – Inventory Labels

A variety of different types of information can be attached to inventory labels, which can include scannable barcodes and serial numbers, which can be matched up to computer systems to ensure that items are properly accounted for within an office, shop and warehouse.


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