The Pains of Parenting: How to Respond When Your Child Comes Home Drunk

Effectively parenting children who are reaching adulthood can often be quite challenging. Many teenagers go through a rebellious phase in which they begin acting out and defying their parents. It is important to recognize what is normal and what isn’t. For example, if your child is coming home drunk, this could be a sign of a deeper underlying issue that needs to be addressed. The following information provides a closer look at different ways you can respond to your child coming home intoxicated that may help them to get back on the right track.

Getting to the Bottom of Their Issues

As previously stated, using alcohol is often a sign of an underlying issue. Therefore, you should speak with your child and try to determine if they are having some sort of struggle that you are unaware of. You should approach this in an empathetic and positive manner, which will promote trust and open communication. If you determine there is a problem, such as issues with friends, significant others, school, etc., you should work closely with them to find a long term solution. If they are hesitant to speak with you, you can encourage them to speak about their problems with another trusted individual or seek out professional help.

Grounding Them

You may have stopped grounding your child many years ago. As a teenager, your child may not respond as well to being grounded as they once did. However, this is still an effective method if you approach it correctly. You should set ground rules that are clear and fair. If they break the rules and continue to drink, you can take away certain privileges from them or prevent them from going out with their friends. You may also want to consider taking away their allowance, which will make it harder for them to purchase substances, such as alcohol.

Take Away Driving Privileges

If your child drives or has gotten a DUI, you need to take their driving privileges away and contact a DUI lawyer, who can effectively guide you throughout the legal process. They need to understand the gravity of the situation. Ultimately, drinking and driving can lead to an accident, which can harm or kill other drivers on the road or your teen. Therefore, it should be taken very seriously, and you should take every preventative measure possible.

Overall, dealing with a child who is using alcohol and coming home intoxicated can be somewhat difficult. There are often various factors that could be contributing to their behavior. It is important to be empathetic and patient with them. However, you also need to take some responsibility for the issue and try to get it corrected before it becomes a more serious problem that is more difficult to navigate.


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