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The Proper Way To Use Coupons

With the burgeoning costs of living, it’s normal for individuals to be capping their expenditures and brainstorming on ways to save on their various expenses. While coupons have long existed, it’s only now that consumers are paying more attention to them and actually using them. With reports of savvy individuals saving hundreds on their grocery bills, couponing has become an art which lots are dying to master.

Finding Coupons

In the past, we only chanced upon coupons in magazines but now we’re on a fueled hunt to find them. Traditional sources of coupons include newspapers, which often contain inserts even ones from Proctor and Gamble, and magazines like Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day.

With the advent of the internet, coupons have also made their way to the World Wide Web and a single Google search can lead on to thousands of printable coupons. The only thing is that not only stores honor online coupons so be on your guard especially if you’re paying for access to these e-coupons. A safer route is to head straight for manufacturers’ websites to see if they offer any printable coupons. If you’re feeling brave, you can also contact these manufacturers whether through phone or mail to ask for coupons.

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Being loyal to a store has it rewards and, if you’re lucky, it’ll come in the form of coupons. There are stores which mail out special coupons to their loyal shoppers or any of those who are enrolled in their frequent shopper card. And never neglect to check the items you purchase in case their packaging also contains coupons.

Organizing Coupons

Before you pick up that pair of scissors and start clipping out like crazy, take a deep breath and think about the reasons for why you’re using coupons to begin with. The goal is to save on your costs so if you end up spending more than your budget because you feel compelled to buy every item on the shelves just because you have a coupon for it, then what’s the entire point of the exercise?

If it helps you control the items you pick up the next time you’re in the store, only clip out the coupons for goods which you routinely purchase and leave out the ones which you can live without. File these coupons according to their expiration date so that when you’re going over them before your next trip to the grocery store, you’ll find the ones which will be expiring soon first.

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