The Road To Recovery: Why You Need A Lawyer After An Accident

You were recently involved in an auto accident, which was not your fault. After treating your injuries, a hospital sends you billing statements. Insurance companies are sending requests for information. Also, law enforcement officials are needing paperwork. The whole ordeal overwhelms you. Do you need a lawyer to help with the road to recovery? The answer is yes. There are 3 important reasons you need a lawyer after an accident: avoid the statute of limitations deadline, prove the responsible party, and settlement negotiation.

The Road To Recovery: Why You Need A Lawyer After An Accident

Avoid the Statute of Limitations Deadline

The statute of limitations law differs in each state. In certain states, you have 2 years to file a personal injury claim. After the 2-year limitation, you cannot file a lawsuit. There is an exception to this rule. The statute of limitation will not start until after you reach 18 years old, the age of majority. Additionally, there is a statute of limitations for property damage. You have 4 years to file a claim for damages to a vehicle. You should speak to an attorney to learn about the statute of limitations law in your jurisdiction.

Prove the Responsible Party

It can be difficult to find the liable party in an accident. The other driver can contest fault in an accident. This is especially true when the collision involves a motorcycle. It is common for most people to think the motorcycle rider is the responsible party. Attorneys at law firms like Boling Rice LLC can help you dispute these misconceptions. During the legal process, they will help fight the complex strategies of the insurance companies.

Settlement Negotiation

Insurance companies will deny a claim or propose a low settlement. Most proposed settlements will not cover a fraction of your losses. Once you accept the settlement, it is not possible to get more money from the insurance company. A lawyer will help you decide whether the out-of-court settlement covers all damages. Some of these are

•Medical bills
•Lost wages
•Pain and suffering
•Emotional distress
•Property damage

Additionally, it is possible for your spouse to collect damages if you are unable to function.

Consider hiring an attorney after an accident. You will need legal advice while you are navigating the complex rules of the law. Your attorney will help you decide whether to file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement. The goal of the insurance company is to protect the interest of its client. The aim of your attorney is to be your advocate.


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