The Secret Of Extending Your Time On Planet Earth

Everyone wants the perfect figure and we all aspire to look like those super models we see on TV and in fashion magazines. It’s easy to get carried away and talk with friends about how nice it would be to have a figure like Angelina Jolie or Jude Law, but they have lots of money and don’t always get their figures the natural way. (I’m not saying either of these stars has had work done by the way, it’s just an example).

We’re all mere mortals, and life will come to an end at some point (depressing I know but it’s a fact). What can be done is to extend the amount time spent on planet earth.

First of all lifestyle, the statement “you are what you eat” is completely true. That doesn’t mean that if someone likes munching on raw carrots they’ll turn into one. It means that if they eat healthily the body will benefit from all the vitamins and minerals consumed.

The trick is to get a balanced diet, everyone needs a certain amount of fat and carbohydrates in their diet but this should be in moderation.  Omega3 fatty acids are much better for you than omega6 fatty acids. Omega3 fatty acids are found in abundance in all sorts of fish (if you don’t like fish, take a fish oil capsule instead).They can also help with maintaining weight.

Eating well isn’t the only thing that should be done. Drinking alcohol and smoking are two things that will definitely make sure the amount of time spent on planet earth will not be as long as someone may wish. Cut these out if you haven’t already. So, you know what you should do with diet and you now know you shouldn’t drink or smoke. It doesn’t stop there, you need to treat your body like a temple not just with food and avoiding certain things that are bad for you, but you also need to make sure you exercise.

This can be done anyway you like, take a gentle jog after work, go to the gym, spend time swimming. There are a myriad of activities you can take part in to help you gain more muscle tone, maintain your weight and keep you looking fit and healthy.

The one thing to remember is that whilst these are all ways to help extend your life on earth, it can also have a detrimental effect. Now, this may sound like conflicting information, and you may have noticed the word “moderation” at some point during these past few words. Moderation is the operative word.

If you take diet too much, you might end up underweight. If you exercise too much, you might end up weakening certain muscles and joints in the body as a result. Too much exercise puts pressure on various parts of the body, and there have been cases when “adrenalin junkies” have made themselves ill as a result.

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong, which may mean exercise is a thing of the past. If you don’t want to end up having to go into hospital for something like a hip replacement, make sure you stay fit and healthy but do it in MODERATION!

Author: Chris has been involved in sports industry who loves blogging about yoga at ShakaCostaRica.


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