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For all people who love nature and gardens, nothing beats a pleasant coffee drink or book reading in your own garden. Gardening is a fabulous time as it helps you relax and connect with the nature that encompasses you. With a little effort and nearly no cost, you can transform your garden into perfection. For a comprehensive range of vegetables and herbs seeds, you can directly contact Walnut Creek Gardens’ executives.

At Walnut Creek Gardens, our selection of herbs and edible seeds purchase online in USA showcases the best herbs we have to offer. Appreciated for decades, herbs have been prized for attributes, for example, slow bolting, pungent taste, or aromatic qualities. A full fix or a windowsill pot, growing fresh heirloom herbs will improve your dining experience.

Calculate your Garden Area

Calculating your garden area is most extreme essential before you plan to purchase the vegetable seeds from us. Hence, the process is as per the following:

Determine How Many Square Feet You Have

To determine what number of square feet you have, you will use the formulas listed below to find area (A) – this mathematical formula will be different based on the shape of your garden. To start with, you should go outside and measure your garden bed. You should have the proper measurements handy, for example, width (W), length (L), range (R), base (B), or height (H).

Tomato and pepper plants. Growing sprouts indoors before spring planting.

Rectangular/Square Garden

A rectangle and square both have four right angles. The area of a rectangle or square is found by multiplying the length (L) by the width (W).

Circular Garden

A circle is a closed curve of which every point on the edge of the curve is the same distance from the center point. The area of a circle is the sweep squared (R) x (R) multiplied by pi (~3.14). The radius is equal to one-half the diameter of the circle.

Oval Shaped Garden

An oval has an elliptical, or egg-like, shape. The area of an oval is the length (L) multiplied by the width (W), multiplied by 0.8.

Triangular Garden

A triangle is a polygon with three sides. The area of a triangle is one-half of the base (B) multiplied by the height (H).

Irregularly Shaped Garden

To find the area of a large irregular shape, divide it into a series of smaller units equally spaced along a measured line. This method will calculate the area to within 5%.

Quality Seeds with Care

Walnut Creek Gardens is an online supplier of flower bulbs, dormant bare root perennials, affordable vegetable seeds, and plant starts. We take pride in ourselves by providing top-notch products, superior customer service and quick delivery with every order. We remain true to each plant variety, offering over 400+ selections each season. Our team of customer service representatives and garden experts work hard to ensure complete satisfaction by offering a 100% grow guarantee.

Here at Walnut Creek Gardens, we love what we do and we work hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing quality flower bulbs and superior customer service.


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