The Sexiest Islands On The Planet

Defining a sexy island is simple. If you can imagine beautiful landscapes, fabulous weather and sexy travellers, then you are getting the idea. Get oiled up, grab your shorts and enjoy this virtual trip to the planet’s sexiest islands.

Brazil itself is a hell of a sexy place to visit. The women are incredibly relaxed about their bodies and parade around in the tiniest bikinis. In Brazil, expect bikini clad housewives coolly shopping in the local supermarkets. If you are into sexy – Brazil is the place to go. However, the island of Florianopolis is a very cool place to visit. The vibe is laid backed and chilled. The island is connected to the mainland with a road, cross the bridge and welcome to paradise. There is a fine selection of beaches. Some attract surfers, others weekend party goers and many of them play host only to wildlife. A great way of viewing the island is by hiring a car and exploring the whole island, do not miss out on any of the amazing beaches. This is a definitely one sexy island.

Zanzibar rocks. It is such a beautiful gem of an island, sitting off the east coast of Tanzania. Stone Town has the kind of curb appeal that is found in World Heritage sites. Wandering around the winding streets, it is impossible not to be transported back several hundred years. The beaches around the island are simply stunning. Pale turquoise seas meet pristine white bleached sand. It is an alluring island which can enchant even the most jaded of travellers.

Ibiza is a sexy island. There is no place on earth that attracts so many different type of visitor –want to go clubbing? Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world. Fancy walking through pine forests of astounding beauty with only the occasional goat for company? Ibiza has a stunning national park that lends itself to jaw dropping beauty. If a sexy island would provide you with an award winning cocktail, the sounds of chilled house music and a spectacular sunset, then really, go to Ibiza. The beaches are well worth exploring. If possible, drive around the island, exploring the inlets. The water is warm and the beaches are often wild. Ibiza is certainly a beautiful, sexy lady.

The United Kingdom has to be described as a sexy little island for several reasons. The shopping is great – boutiques, farmers markets and grand dames of shops such as Harrods. Music pulses through the veins of the UK and gigs are plentiful. From the Royal Albert Hall to the traditional British pub on the corner, there is the opportunity to hear the best music in the world. Visiting Glastonbury music festival will certainly throw up some sexy images! The theatre culture in the United Kingdom is prevalent everywhere. It is hard to miss out on a performance of Shakespeare in The Globe – it was built exactly as the original theatre was back in the sixteenth century. The weather may not be the best in the world but Great Britain is so busy and varied that she deserves her sexy title.

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