The Ultimate Air Rifle Handling Safety Guide

If you are planning on going out with your air rifles and want to ensure that you can be responsible at all times, it is vital that you understand the importance of safe handling, and luckily for you today we are here to provide you with a gigantic range of tips, so that you can be the ultimate safe shooter.

In the wrong hands air weapons can cause serious injuries and fatalities, and can even kill – there it is important that you know what you are doing. Before you use your air weapon it is important to read the following tips so that you can be responsible and in turn reduce the risk of accidents:

  • Always treat air rifles as though they are loaded
  • When carrying air weapons always makes sure that they are pointing toward the ground
  • Keep air weapons unloaded until you intend to fire them – never carry round loaded air weapons
  • Only fire your air weapons when you are 100% sure that shots are safe. You need to make sure that there is nobody nearby that could be endangered and ensure that there is an adequate backstop to prevent ricochets
  • Never put a loaded air weapon down, always empty your air rifle when you have finished using it
  • Cover air weapons up when you are travelling with them, using a special air rifle carrier or a regular bag
  • Store your air weapon out of sight when you are at home – Also, store your pellets out-of-sight, but in a separate place to your rifle

In addition to the above safety advice you may need to take further precautions to prevent children from accessing your air weapons. Several deaths have been recorded as a result of children getting hold of air weapons, so if you have children and have air rifles, keep on reading…

  • Store your air weapons in a lockable cupboard or safe, keeping the key in a far away, un-related location
  • If children are present when you are shooting, ensure that you are extra-cautious when taking shots, and never let your air weapon leave your hand unless you have unloaded it first

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These are only some of the safety precautions that you should take when handling air guns too! To be extra-safe it is important that you read any safety manuals that have come with your air weapons and any of the other shooting equipment that you may have purchased.



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