The Valuable Services Of A Private Investigator

The private investigator can perform some very valuable services. Often the private investigator works for a company that performs private detective services, and this relationship provides access to many resources that can perform the following services:

• Find a person who is on the run.
• Find the address of a spouse who is behind in their child support.
• Catch a cheating spouse
• Investigate an auto accident
• Find people who owe money

While this is just a partial list of services, they are the services that are often needed. An independent private investigator can perform the same services if they have access to all of the computer databases that are required to locate someone, or conduct background checks. The private detective agency is a very similar company, and it can perform the same services.

Finding a person who is on the run is a specialty of many private detective companies. There are many well developed computer tools to assist in this type of search. This task could be difficult if the person is mobile and has no reason to stay in one place.

Finding a spouse who is behind in child support payments is relatively easy for an investigator. Using sophisticated social security number tracking systems, a spouse can be found within hours. The investigator will require more time to locate the person who has gone off the grid. It is difficult to hide in the U.S. when a detective agency is looking for you, and it is also difficult to hide in some foreign countries.

Catching a cheating spouse often requires hours of surveillance including taking photographs, and often verifying that the cheating spouse entered a hotel room with a person not their spouse. Occasionally, it means following a car and when it stops the investigator can employ high technology devices to monitor the conversations and record them.

Investigating an auto accident is a valuable service if there is a question of fault or a question of proving fault. Often, the private investigation can include an automotive engineer who is skilled in analyzing mechanical failures.

A detective agency is very good at finding the “deadbeat” and collecting the money owed.

Other private detective services that can be valuable to a client are:

•Identifying a cell phone number
•Vehicle registration search
•Criminal record search
•”Bug sweeps” of home or car
•GPS monitoring

An important function of a private detective company is conducting background checks. Any person renting a home to another person or a family cannot afford to avoid doing a thorough background check. This type of check includes the credit history, evictions or foreclosures, employment history, and any criminal record. Churches and schools also cannot afford to avoid doing background checks of potential employees. Fathers of brides should consider doing a background check on their potential son-in-law.

The Private Investigator Cost for Services

The investigator usually charges by the hour plus expenses. In smaller towns, the hourly rate will likely be between $50 and $60. In the metropolitan areas, the hourly rate can approach $100 and more plus expenses. Some investigators and agencies will charge by the task such as a background check or a cell phone number check.

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