Therapy and Beyond: New Advances in Mental Healthcare and Treatment

As the research into mental health conditions continues to widely spread, more and more physicians are talking about the importance of positive mental health with their patients. No longer is mental illness considered and unsolvable condition. Rather, there are many approaches to treating a wide variety of mental illnesses and the number of approaches continues to grow every year.

The Rise of Genetics Testing

When it comes to prescribing anti-depressants to help patients with mental health disorders, it can seem like a hit or miss approach. Since each person is genetically built differently, their body breaks down and uses the drug at different rates. In the past, this had lead psychotherapists into extravagant testing with their patients until they were able to find a medication that worked. Now, the rise of affordable genetic testing allows physicians to see an individual’s genetic makeup. This aids them in determining just what anti-depressant works best for their genetic needs.


While psychotherapy is nothing new as a general concept, it does have some new approaches that are proving effective. Also referred to as talk therapy, psychotherapy can be utilized solely on its own or along with ketamine therapy. This allows the patient to go into a state of relaxation during the session. Some common approaches to psychotherapy include CBT, psychoanalysis, and integrative therapy.

Ketamine therapy can also be used on its own, apart from psychotherapy. Administered in a clinic, the ketamine is seeing great success in those with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Health Care Apps

It’s no surprise to anyone from the 21st century that most individuals carry around smartphones. The healthcare industry has created tons of apps that are specifically designed to aid those undergoing a mental health disorder such as anxiety and depression. These apps allow the users to seek assistance from a counselor in real-time as well as institute behavioral patterns that aid in their overall recovery.

Online Support Groups

The mental healthcare community has argued that the reason that two-thirds of those experiencing mental health issues never seek treatment is due to lack of transportation, money, and geographical location. The internet has changed this outlook where getting help is more capable than ever before. With free online support groups, patients can get access to the materials they need without having to suffer financially.

Mental healthcare is a trending topic that is continuing to grow in popularity as the American culture is recognizing the importance of maintaining positive mental health. The above are some of the ways that new technology and techniques are being utilized to assist patients in their recovery. As time goes on, expect to see even more approaches.


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