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Things That Does Not Work When Engaging Your Facebook Fans

Facebook is a useful platform that can be used in many ways. Many people and organization use it for social media marketing. They send their marketing information to their clients and potential clients with the aim of making a sale. Many organizations have penetrated into the market by advertizing their products on Facebook. Therefore, it is an important social media marketing tool. It can save you a lot of money and time. You don’t need to be an expert in order to use Facebook in the right way.

Some people use Facebook in the wrong way. You need to know that Facebook fans are real people who have different feelings and emotions. The way you handle them matters a lot. These are the people who have the ability to change your business and take you to another level if you handle them carefully. Therefore, you need to know what does not work when engaging your Facebook fans. Here are some of the big mistakes that people tend to ignore when using Facebook.

1. Using abusive language
Avoid using abusive language in whatsoever case. Even when your fans are angry with you don’t respond to them in an abusive way. These are real people who have different feelings and emotions. One mistake can easily cost your business a lot. You ought to remember that customer is the king and therefore you need to treat them with a lot of care. Listen to their complaints and respond to them in appositive manner. Show your fans that you are more concerned with their issues and they will get immediate solution. That way you will build strong relationship with your fans and increase the number of new members.

2. Posting irrelevant information
Posting irrelevant information and images will portray a negative image of your organization. Post information that is relevant with what you are selling or doing. People will be more interested with your products or services and they will know that you are in a serious business. they will be more willing to buy your services/ products hence boosting your business.

3. Using wrong images
Your organization can only be identified by its real image. Don’t use different photos and images to represent your organization. People love dealing with real businesses. There are many scammers online so if you don’t use the real photos to represent your products/ services people will ignore your page and everything your post on the page.  The is especially important for team based busienss such as the Empower Network.

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4. Sending requests to anyone on sight
You need to know the right people to send invitations to become your Facebook fans. Not all people are interested in what you are doing. Concentrate on your target market and try every possible way to win them.  If you choose to buy Facebook fans, by sure you know what demographics you are targeting there as well.

5. Over posting
You need to know how and when to post on your Facebook fan page. Over posting is boring and people will start ignoring your page even if you are posting useful information. Regulate the number of posts you need to post on a daily basis and gather enough information that can be useful to your fans.

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