Things To Keep In Mind In Your Quest For A Social Media Listening Platform

Social listening skills will add value to your business, only if you have invested in the right set of tools.  Any real estate social media listening executive will tell you that your goals and objectives to be interlinked.  The best out of the lot is expected to win. If you need certain guidance in relation to your selection, some of the key pointers you need to consider are as follows

Data coverage

A set of simple tools to trace your likes and even retweets. In this regard, there are a set of fancy tools with high-end features from video analytics and a camera to do the job for you. A certain set of other tools fall in between the extremes. For example, if your company is on the lookout for a detailed analysis, opt for tools crawling the desired data.

Customized reports

Most of the tools present in the market as of now offer customized reports. Look out for a report that is comprehensible, easily understandable, and you can customize as per your needs. The report has to be clear with detailed analysis along with pictorial presentation and graphs.

Platforms covered

There are certain media monitoring in real estate tools where there is no option of listening to social media skills. An ideal example in this regard would be Twitter Deck works only with the data of Twitter. But if the presence of your company exists to Twitter only, this might be ok for you. On the other hand, if you are a fashion freak with a majority of your client active on Instagram to invest your time on Twitter deck is not going to bear any rewards.

Sentiment analysis

Marketers paying a lot of attention to sentiment analysis when they obtain information about a service or product. In fact, the most important tool of social listening is sentiment analysis. Each conversation and sentiment which a customer posts online have an undertone. To manually judge they could pose to be a challenge, and sentiment analysis will help you to figure out what percentage of customers are happy with your service and where you have gone wrong.

Industry related approach

The problems and issues tend to vary with each and every industry. A one size approach is not expected to work when you are expecting your business to reach new heights. Via social media listening, you can go on to obtain industry-specific data along with benchmarks to obtain a better choice than the others.

Customer service

Just like any other area of business, customer service seems to be really important. This would provide an idea on how fast the concept of troubleshooting is taken care off. Proper guidance in order to address a problem is one of the hallmarks of a quality service provider.

When you are equipped with such information this helps you to make a well-informed decision of your choice. Before you opt for the real version opt the trial versions.


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