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Things To Know Before Developing An Opinion About The Keystone Pipeline

Many people have their concerns about the keystone pipeline.  Environmentalists have been known to be against the miles of pipeline that travels across the nation.  There are a few things to know about the pipeline that may help determine an opinion on the matter.

Tar Sands Oil

For now the construction of the XL pipeline has been tabled.  If it is going to be built, it will span across North America from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  This will allow the crude oil from Canada to be able to be turned into gasoline and other fuels.

Currently, Canada is the biggest supplier of crude to the United States.  To be more specific, Canada provides 1.9 million barrels a day to the US.  The Keystone XL Pipeline has the potential to provide 1.1 million barrels of Canadian crude to the United States per day.  It is also assumed that the pipeline will help insulate the United States from oil-exporting regimens from hostile countries.  This will also allow the US to become more self-sufficient.

On the other hand, it has been argued that oil from the tar sands is corrosive.  The National Resources Defense Council believes that rather than making the US more self-sufficient, it will create the first market for international tar sands oil.

Employment and Money

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It is expected that the pipeline will create jobs in the construction and manufacturing field.  Property taxes are expected to generate $5.2 billion from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.  This is expected to provide $20 billion in economic contributions.  The American Petroleum Institute estimates that the pipeline will create 500,000 jobs in the next 20 years. 

However, it can also be argued that these jobs will not last. The NRDC argues that tar sands are not great for the environment.  It will create more pollution.

Current Structure

One thing to keep in mind is that the Keystone Pipeline is already built and the Keystone XL Pipeline will be an extension of it.  The current pipeline skids extends from Hardsity, Alberta and heads east towards Monitoba.  After that, the pipeline heads south towards Steele City, Nebraska.  From Steele City it forks to hit Patoka, Illinois and Cushing Oklahoma.

The Keystone XL Pipeline will connect Alberta and Steele City.  Then it will relay the pipeline already in existence to Port Arthur, Texas.  Port Arthur is located next to Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

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