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Ping Pong has been part of the Olympic game since 1988. And it is governed by the worldwide organization since 1926. This indoor game is enjoyed by each age group worldwide. It just requires practice with 100% concentration. Even though you believe the equipment as expensive but it could be considered as the investment for a lifetime. Hence you should take utmost care on the equipments like racket, ping pong table and other things. The proper maintenance would let you save money for the future.

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If you are passionate towards the game then consider these tips as rules before thinking to use your paddle:

  1. The lasting of the equipments depends on its usage hence proper calculation of usage us required before playing it.
  2. The rubber on the racket has to be unglued so that the paddle can get in touch with the air.
  3. The rubber should be kept clean. You can use a drop of water and a soft cotton cloth. While cleaning the rubber, drop the water in center and gently rub it in a circular motion with the soft cloth.
  4. As the table is an indoor game the table should not be left outdoor.
  5. As soon as the use of racquet’s get over put the racquet’s in a protective plastic sheet to avoid scratches. You can get this protective sheet from any sports shop that deals with sports equipments.
  6. If there would be any hard spot on the ball then it would have an influence on the bounce hence check the seam of the ball before playing.
  7. The table is the expensive equipment; hence cover to protect the table while not using it.
  8. Cover the table with air bubble nylon in case you are moving or repositioning the table to some other place.
  9. You should take utmost care while taking the net off and putting it on. If you dug up the clamps on the bed then it would affect the performance during play.
  10. You can protect the equipments like ball, rackets, nets, etc. from moisture by keeping it in the same plastic bag.

The equipment could even be maintained by following the rules of the game.

Apart from cleaning the paddle, the table tennis table too requires to get cleaned. But it should not be now and then. The solution to clean it can be found online or at the retailers. As the table is made of wood, you should check the dampness of the cloth before using it. Never over saturate it or else the table could get warped. Never use the solution or abrasive cloth or cleansers that contain bleach, because the bleach could damage the surface of the wood.


Robert Stewart, a professional blogger, and a table tennis coach in a sports academy is keen to share this information to the players who are negligent towards their equipment and also for them who always blame their supplier for the worst quality of products.


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