Three Golden _W’s_- Getting Ready For School

Moving away to college can be one of the most exciting times in your life, and also one of the most daunting. Being prepared for the upcoming school year in an entirely new environment requires the consideration of many factors in order to be most successful. Feeling like you are ready is the perfect way to start anything, so start making a list. The best way to start a list of needed items is to brainstorm using the three golden “W’s.”

1. Weather
Most people moving to a different state to attend school will be experiencing a brand new set of weather conditions. Are you moving to Ann Arbor? It’s time to buy a down jacket! Are you moving to California? It’s time for a new swimsuit!

Winter wear and swimwear are always available on sale online. Shop from home and cross half the items off of your list. Make sure you have the right bedding for the weather and, of course, the right size bed. Dormitories usually have uniquely sized beds, so make sure to research that detail before you shop.

2. Work
As in schoolwork, of course, is the most important thing of all. You might need a new computer or tablet for your school notes, but never underestimate the value of good old-fashioned paper and pencils. Some professors don’t even allow computers in the classroom. School supplies are the one area where you can’t really have too much. You or someone you know will always need a pen. It’s basically a scientific fact.

3. What Could Happen and Ways to Adjust
Try to think of situations that may come about in which you could be caught off guard. What can you do to anticipate the unexpected? Sometimes its fun just to browse college-friendly clothing lines for imagery that might give inspiration. For example, Vineyard Vines brand clothing has great accessories for the college-bound, like men’s canvas belts and men’s swimwear trunks.

You have to be ready for school, but being ready for fun is nice too. Achieving a steady balance, being up for a challenge and staying focused are the true keys to success in your new adventure.

However your experience materializes, one thing is for sure: Learning will occur in the truest sense of the word. With hopes that much of this will happen in the classroom, you will meet new people and, most of all, learn about yourself. Good luck on your journey!

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